Powerful Reporting &
Analytics Software


View and investigate all button calls received with our reporting tool. Measure response times and improve efficiency with the data our software tool provides.


View calls received in real-time using the 'table view' feature. Open & unanswered calls will reflect on the table, helping you to quickly identify where reaction is needed.


Draw reports and export them to all major formats, including PDF & Excel. Compare time periods against different areas and departments or even shifts.

Display Screens

Manage your slideshows and media content from one central place on the dashboard, anywhere with an internet connection.

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Reporting Software In Action

Watch our video and see how our software can help you to make more efficient choices by analyzing the reporting data. With a user-friendly interface and support when you need it, drawing reports with ease. See for yourself how we can transform the way you work with data!


Our plans are available on monthly or annual commitments and require that you already have a compatible Vellux system installed.


  • Reporting Tools
  • Monthly Or Annual Subscription
  • Access to Live Reporting Table
  • Exporting Reports


  • Everything in the Elegance Subscription
  • Access to Media Creation Tools
  • Create & Publish Slideshows
  • Marketing Media Management Tools


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Our software is web based, meaning you are able to log in and view/draw reports from anywhere in the world with an internet connection through a secure URL. 


  • A compatible Vellux solution must be preinstalled. 
  • Wi-Fi connection of minimum 10Mbps.
  • Due to licensing regulations, the customer must provide their own TV or Monitor screens.

Our software is very user-friendly and intuitive to use, however, if you get stuck there is a dedicated ‘help’ button on the dashboard. 

We also provide training on the day of installation but should you need a refresher, just give us a shout. 

We do not charge extra for training. 

Future updates and feature updates will be included in the software at no cost. 

We review pricing each year in August, however we believe in providing value to our clients and will only consider pricing increases if adverse conditions necessitates it.

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